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When is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Have you been thinking about starting the process of selling your home? Maybe half of your family has already moved due to a new job. Did you just purchased your dream property and hire a custom builder? Is it time to look for a larger home with your growing family? Whatever the reason, you may be wondering when is the best time to sell your home. Century 21 Indian River Realty works with clients year-round and knows the buying and selling trends in the area. Here’s what the experts recommend.

Should You Sell Your Home in the Spring or Summer?

Spring and summer are competitive months for buyers. Many families start looking in the winter with the hope to move when the school year ends. This also means there may be a lot of homes already on the market, so the expectations of buyers are higher.

Should You Sell Your Home in the Fall or Winter?

Analysts reveal there are often fewer homes on the market during the fall and winter. Partly because the summer time gives families time to move and settle before the school year starts. As a seller, you will have less competition, but there will most likely be fewer buyers coming through.

Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Home

It’s important to take an inventory of what you need to do before you can even list your home. Some repairs can mean the difference between receiving your asking price versus a bidding war. Don’t forget these small details when you are ready for your first showing.

  • What repairs or upgrades will make the home show ready?
  • Will you do the work yourself or hire a contractor?
  • Will you continue living in the home while trying to sell?
  • Do you have another home lined up in case your home sells quickly?
  • Does your landscaping need sprucing up?
  • What areas should you declutter?
  • How many homes are for sale in your area?

When it comes to knowing the best time to sell your home it’s best to talk to a local real estate agent. Local agents are familiar with the trends in the community and will know the best time to list your home and how to attract the perfect buyer.

When you are ready to sell your home on in Indian River, FL contacts Century 21 Indian River Realty. Our agents will help you find the best home for your needs and connect walk you through each stage of the process as you sell your home.

Surprisingly Small Things That Help Your House Sell

small things that help your house sellWhen it comes to selling your home in Florida, the small details can make the difference between a quick sale and a home that stalls on the market. Here at Century 21 Indian River Realty, we’ve got you covered with tips that will help your house sell!

We understand the process of selling your home can be overwhelming. From the emotional impacts to open house schedules and negotiations, it’s easy to see how the smaller things get overlooked.

Tips to Help Your House Sell

To help you attract a wider range of serious buyers, here are some surprisingly small things that help your house sell!

Declutter Your Home

One of the first things you’ll hear is ‘declutter’ when selling your home. Of course, you don’t want your home to be cold and impersonal, but you’ll want to create a pleasing aesthetic that allows potential buyers to envision life in your home. Common areas that make a huge impact include:

  • Tabletops
  • Counters
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Laundry rooms
  • Closets

Dinner at the Table

Staging also ranks high on our list of things that help your house sell. Break out the special dinnerware and linens to paint a picture for potential buyers to envision family dinners at the table.

Adding a centerpiece of fresh flowers can also help to warm up the space and create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Greenery, houseplants, and bowls of fresh produce placed around your home are great inexpensive accessories that brighten up a room and help your house sell.  

Learn more about the benefits of home staging in our article Home Staging: Does it Make a Difference?

Don’t Forget the Cookies!

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked cookies? Before each showing, throw a batch of cookies in the oven. This not only acts as a natural deodorizer, it creates that warm inviting feel that buyers will remember.

A Proper Welcome Helps Your House Sell

One of the most overlooked things that can help your house sell is your doormat. Skip the quirky humor and opt for an attractive neutral look that compliments your home. This will send the subtle message that your home has been well taken care of over the years.  

Make a Great First Impression

Your home’s exterior plays a huge role in first impressions. Be sure to trim overgrown landscaping, rid the gardens of weeds, and pressure wash your home and outdoor surfaces. This will give your home a clean, well-maintained look that buyers simply can’t ignore.

Our goal at Century 21 Indian River Realty is to help you sell your home quickly at the highest price. Our professional staff is dedicated to personal service and lasting relationships with our clients. We are here to help you with quality real estate services in and around Melbourne, Indialantic and all of Brevard County Florida. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced agents.